According to Forbes magazine, DanTDM (Daniel Middleton) is the highest-earning YouTuber since December 2017 with over 16 million USD for the year 2017. The list showcases even more names including Evan Fong, Pewdiepie, Dude Perfect, and also the only woman, Lilly Singh. What clicked for them was just an idea to sell attention-grabbing videos on YouTube!

You might not be the next Pewdiepie or DanTDM, however, you can still earn a few bucks from YouTube using your home internet and some imagination. Here are 8 ways we would like to share with you:

Do What You Do Every Day, but on Camera:

Whatever you do in life, set your camera/smartphone on a tripod and start filming.

Gardening, playing video games, raising kids, relaxing with pets, cooking, traveling, or reviewing products including your child exploring new toys, anything, and everything can serve as content for your channel. As long as it looks fabulous on the internet it’s good content!

Create Your Own Unique DIY Videos:

Do it yourself is trending! Along with personalization upshot, it gives the sense of being a creator. Impart that knowledge to your viewers and encash on their sense of accomplishment on crafting something unique.

  • Allow YouTube Ads on Your Channel:
  • Enable AdSense for your YouTube channel.
  • Make money on Ads played in between your videos.
  • Go Marketing by Being an Affiliate to Online Retailers No Matter How Big or Small:
  • Simply signup for an affiliate program.
  • Get a custom link to add to your YouTube description.
  • Let Customers click the link.
  • Earn money per 1000 clicks.
  • Why 1000? Because that makes the average CPM for YouTube.
  • As per Investopedia, CPM stands for Cost per thousand where “M” represents Roman numeral 1000.
  • CPM- a marketing expression representing the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions per webpage.
  • Launch Innovative Products Using Crowdfunding:
  • Innovation and creativity no longer fall short of cash.
  • Team up with fellow YouTubers.
  • Raise funds.
  • Launch exceptional ideas/products using YouTube as a platform.

Elite Content for Paid Subscriptions:

Provide value addition to your paid subscribers.

Permit them free or preferred access, to selected content for certain intervals.

Empower Your Audience With Freedom of Choice:

No matter how many likes, subscribes, comments, and post sharing you amass, it all trickles down to quality content.

Empower your viewers by seeking input for what they want to see next on your channel. In fact, not yours, but their channel, “them” being the public who support you.

Just Do It to Do It:

The key lies in making a difference in people’s lives and serving them for choosing you.

Passionately focus on what you do and rewards will inevitably follow.