1. AirDroid – Remote access & File

AirDroid is a mobile app that allows you to manage your Android device using a web browser.

However, for that purpose, all your devices must be connected to the same WiFi connection. Only then you can open the AirDroid app on your Android device through your computer. You can easily transfer files between your phone and computer and do many other tasks.

2. Avast Mobile Security

Avast is an anti-virus software that protects your mobile from viruses and other similar online threats. It scans the apps on your mobile and let you know which apps are not good for your mobile privacy.

It also provides services like protection from web phishing, block calls and messages you don’t want to receive, keeps track of your data usage, etc.

3. Pocket -Read It Later

If you love reading but do not get enough time to read or see your favorite online content, you can use this Pocket app.

This app is very useful as it can help you save the content for reading afterward.
It is a very user-friendly app and allows you to organize articles, videos, etc. through multiple devices.

4. WhatsApp Messenger

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? It hardly ever needs any introduction and has become one of the most popular messaging apps for mobile users around the world.

WhatsApp is user-friendly and does not have any lengthy login procedures. All you need is your mobile phone number, internet and you can just download the app and start messaging.
You can easily send text messages, pictures, videos, etc. through this app without any difficulty.

5. Remindo – Event Reminder

If you have difficulty remembering events like meetings, birthdays, marriage anniversary, Remindo is for you.


You can categorize your events based on the subject of your event. You can also create your own category for your event.

6. Evernote – Organizer, Planner for Notes & Memos

Evernote helps you in managing things in your daily life work in an effortless way. This mobile app has been designed for taking notes, organizing task lists, and so on.

You can take notes in various formats including text, image, video, etc.
It also helps you in keeping your bills and receipts in an organized way.

7. OverDrive – Books and Reference

You can use OverDrive on your Android device and can borrow ebooks, streaming videos, and audiobooks from 30000 libraries from all over the world and that oo without actually going to a library. There will be no late fee, as an ebook, audiobook, or video that you will borrow, will be automatically returned to the library when the due date arrives.

8. Musi – Simple Music Steaming

Musi allows the users to listen and organize the music straight from YouTube, and other playlists, and also let you share your favorite music with your friends. On YouTube, you cannot listen to music when your phone gets locked, but with Musi, you can listen to music even after your phone gets locked.