Steve Jobs is a name that doesn’t need any introductions. He was an entrepreneur, creator, and mind behind the growth of Apple, one of the most valued brands in the world. Talking about Apple’s success, most of the credit goes to its marketing genius, Steve Jobs.


Convince People They need Your Product.

For Steve Jobs, marketing was about creating a product and convincing people that wanted that product, even if they didn’t need it. He was not the one to talk about the greatest features of Apple products. Instead, he always talked about how Apple products could make life easier.

Every Detail Matters.

According to Jobs, every detail matters and no detail is less important than others. Apple products and marketing have been so successful because they have always given equal attention to every minute detail of their products and their marketing strategies. Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and would never settle for any less.

Simplicity is the Best Policy.

Steve Jobs believed in focus and simplicity. Every Apple product has a simple design, utility, and marketing. For him, it took efforts to make things simpler and easy for the users.

Dream Big.

Steve Jobs was all about thinking big and achieving big. For him, small dreams would give small results and big dreams would bring bigger results. He worked to make the world a better place.

Mystery Marketing.

Steve Jobs had been popular for his quote ‘ Just one more thing’. Apple has always done something different in its product launches. Their marketing strategies involved creating suspense before the product launch. Jobs was a maestro in creating suspense to get amplifying results.

Always Strive for the Best.

Steve Jobs believed, it is important to be best in what you do, even if you are not the first to do it. Apple is not the first one to make smartphones, tablets, and so on, but it is one of the best ones.

Be Passionate for What You do.

Steve Jobs was passionate about what he did. He loved his company and he loved to change people’s lives and the way they looked at the world. He was truly dedicated to using Apple products to make a better life for people all over the world.

Create Newfound Categories.

Steve Jobs saved Apple from ruin and turned it into the world’s most valuable companies. He created newfound product ideas and categories and worked constantly towards improvement to never again lose his power over the markets.