In this mobile era, a huge number of people own at least one smartphone. Besides communication, today’s smartphones enable you to take snaps and videos, access emails, play games, browse the internet, and do much more while on the go.

What if, you could also unlock a revenue channel or generate earnings in your free time by just downloading and using some Android or iPhone apps. Let’s explore some potential means for legitimate pocket money using the smartphone in your pocket!
Go Shopping To Earn through Savings:

Shopping is a necessity as we all buy groceries, shoes, clothes, etc. on a regular basis. There are quite a few get-paid to-shop apps in the market that will reward you, whether you buy or not!

Make Money

Simply key in your favorite brands or items that you normally bring home, visit the store, scan barcodes, and earn redeemable points/cashback.

Some of the apps that let you make money in this way are Ibotta, ShopKick, Receipt hog, Drop.

Get Paid for Fieldwork:

Explore neighborhoods, deliver items, mystery shop, verify prices, and more as part of fieldwork. Download apps like CheckPoints, GigWalk, Field Agent, EasyShift, or DoorDash to find the tasks they can offer you.

Some apps mentioned above pay a smaller amount while some of them are as good as a second paycheck.

Find a Bug and Earn a Reward:

Big Internet players like Google and Facebook and even smaller app developers let the crowd test their software products and pay for genuine bugs found by hosting contests/sending invites.

Visit MyCrowd to find more details about mobile apps to test and earn.

Alternately you can download and try new mobile apps, share, like and follow on Facebook/Twitter to earn points. App Bounty is one such app that can help you redeem these points for Amazon gift cards or free paid apps.

Items for Sale on Phone:

Used items like furniture, camera, designer clothes, watches, electronic products, cars are in demand. Download apps like Letgo/Depop/Blinker, click a picture, and sell unwanted items in exchange for cash.

Sell something brand-new using eBay/Poshmark to post your designer fashion wear and earn extra cash. However, check out the cut on sales applied by these apps.

Take Polls/Surveys to Earn Handsomely:

Surf the web, fill out surveys, answer questions, and participate in daily polls using Swagbucks or Google Opinion rewards on Google Play. Install the app, surveys will pop up immediately. Just participate and earn points to redeem at Starbucks, Amazon, or Walmart.
You can also earn a signup bonus from Swagbucks for up to 5 USD.

Upload Photos and Download Cash:

Click a photo on mobile and convert it into cash by uploading and selling on mobile apps with Foap, Mipic, or Snapwire.

Apps like Snapwire provide options like a challenge (earn points) and requests (paid buyer or direct commission) for curated pics in order to sell, while Foap works on a points-based system alone.


But it is a good list to start you on the way towards some extra cash on the side.

With new opportunities being laid out each day on the internet, stay vigilant, and make the most of any new app that could fill your pocket.