Ever wondered why firms pay for watching videos or adverts, participating in quizzes, shopping, uploading pictures, or downloading mobile apps? The answer is simple. They are looking for brand promotion, early testing of products, gaining customer preferences, and most importantly saving cost on marketing campaigns.

The question is, can common individuals benefit from these apps? The answer is a resounding YES! Here are the top 7 apps from Android and iOS that can be worth spending time on particularly if you live in urban areas.

Swagbucks: It is the most prevalent online reward program so far. With this app, you earn points from mobile searches, swag code searches, voting on daily polls, and referring friends. The SB points you earn can be redeemed for PayPal cash, Amazon, Starbucks, or Walmart gift cards. You also win a welcome bonus of up to 5 USD on signing up.

iPoll: iPoll allows you to make quick bucks by participating in surveys and completing missions in and around your neighborhood. Once you complete the surveys and tasks, money gets credited to your account which you can transfer to your PayPal account.

Gigwalk: Popularly known for the mobile work marketplace, once you install Gigwalk, you get paid from 3 USD to 90 USD per task like mystery shop, testing mobile apps, taking photos, delivering items, and so on.

Field Agent: Known to partner with brands like Hershey’s, Target, Tyson, and featured on CNET and Forbes, Field Agent lets you earn based on microtask completion like exploring the neighborhood, scanning barcodes, taking polls, and checking prices. You can earn anywhere from 1 USD to 12 USD for each task.

All of these 7 Apps are Available on Both Android and iPhone.

Pact: Pact is an ingenious app that lets you stay healthy while making money. With Pact, all you need to do is sign a pact to lead a healthy lifestyle for a certain number of days. As you set the pact, you have to have a certain amount at stake. If you keep your Pact, you get the promised money and if you do not, you lose the money you put at stake.

iBotta: A great way to earn money from the shopping, iBotta allows you to avail good rebates from the store you buy your stuff from. Once you choose the store and the rebates, you need to provide proof of your purchase by scanning barcodes and sending a photo of the receipt to iBotta. The rebate amount simply gets credited to your iBotta account.

InboxDollar: Last but not the least, InboxDollar lets you earn in a multitude of ways, including a 5$ sign up bonus when you join for the first time. Make money from reading emails, writing advertising feedback, and taking surveys as money gets credited to your account!

Just take some time to do some research and you could turn your smartphone into a money-making device. There are many other similar apps out there but these are the top 7 you could start using right now.