Marijuana Stock 2021 - Post Pandemic Guide
Marijuana Stock 2021 – Post Pandemic Guide

What do we have in the best marijuana stocks 2020?

If you are searching for the best marijuana stock to buy in 2020, then you can consider either of the following top marijuana stocks:

  • Village Farms International Inc.

This Canada-based agricultural producer is one of the “best value marijuana stocks.” Village Farms International, apart from growing standard vegetables, such as cucumbers and bell peppers, it also produces cannabis.

On the 12th of August, Village Farms International reported excellent quarter two results. On the 8th of September, this one of the Canadian marijuana stocks announced that it has purchased 36.9 million common shares of Pure Sunfarms.

This purchase represented approximately 41.3% common shares.

  • Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Just like Village Farms, this Canadian marijuana stock is also the “best value marijuana stock.” Aurora Cannabis specializes in producing, distributing, and selling cannabis products.

Currently, the CEO of Aurora Cannabis stock is Miguel Martin. If you are specifically interested in cannabis stocks, then you shouldn’t ignore Aurora Cannabis stock.

  • GrowGeneration Corp

GrowGeneration Corp is one of the “fastest-growing marijuana stocks.” The company involves in the retail of hydroponic and organic specialty gardening products.

GrowGeneration offers lighting fixtures, seeds, and growing media systems, nutrients, filters, fans, trays, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, hand tools, irrigation supplies, and water pumps.

On the 13th of August, GrowGeneration announced a $43.5 million record revenue for Q2 2020.

  • NIC Inc.

NIC is one of the “best-performing marijuana stocks.” It is a digital government service provider for state, federal, and local governments in the U.S. NIC provides tailored solutions for municipalities for managing and regulating cannabis and hemp.

What are the best marijuana penny stocks in 2020?

The following are the best penny marijuana stocks in 2020:

  • General Cannabis Corp (CANN)

This Colorado-based company invests in the business in the legal cannabis industry. General Cannabis Corp is pretty determined to bring more legitimacy and transparency to the regulated cannabis sector.

  • Aphria Inc. (APHA)

This Canadian marijuana penny stock is a diversified cannabis company and is engaged in the production and distribution of cannabis. Across five continents, Aphria has a presence in 10 countries.

  • GreenGro Technologies Inc.

This California-based company is a provider of outdoor and indoor agricultural science systems for the legal cannabis industry. GreenGro Technologies offers genetic fingerprinting of cannabis strains.

What are the best marijuana ETF stocks?

The following are the best marijuana ETF stocks in the marijuana stock market:

  • AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (YOLO)

This ETF stock aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by making investments in cannabis equity securities. YOLO tracks those United States and Canadian companies that are involved in healthcare, real estate, and consumer products.

  • Cambria Cannabis ETF (TOKE)

This ETF stock aims to provide capital appreciation by investing in global equity markets exposed to the cannabis industry. TOKE is focused between 20-50 marijuana companies within a market capitalization spectrum spanning micro-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, and mid-cap stocks.

  • Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (CNBS)

This ETF stock aims to provide the exposure of the global cannabis industry to investors. Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF has at least 80% of its holdings invested in those companies that generate equal or above 50% of their revenues from the cannabis and hemp market.

What are the best medical marijuana stocks?

The following are the top medical marijuana stocks to buy:

  • Trulieve Cannabis

This vertically integrated U.S.-based company grows medical cannabis and distributes products to its retail dispensaries. Trulieve Cannabis runs just about 50 medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida.

By selling more than half of the cannabis in Florida, Trulieve is a major player there. Apart from Florida, the company also has operations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California.

Compared to its peers, Trulieve Cannabis delivers quarterly profits regularly. The earnings growth of the company is quite impressive.

  • Valens

Valens is a Canadian-based company that provides cannabis extraction services. This company has multiyear extraction agreements with Tilray, OrganiGram, HEXO, and Canopy Growth.

The claim of Valens to have the largest extraction capacity and its contracts with elite growers give it a competitive edge over rivals.

  • GW Pharmaceuticals PLC

This U.K based biopharmaceutical company is not just one of the fastest-growing marijuana stocks, but also one of the best medical marijuana stocks.

GW Pharmaceuticals specializes in the research and development of cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of neuropathic pain, cancer pain, and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

  • Canopy Growth

This stock serves the Canadian recreational and medical markets and is involved in the distribution of medical cannabis to international markets.

Even though the company isn’t consistent when it comes to profits, it still has a strong cash position, all thanks to a $4 billion investment by Constellation Brands. The company’s ties with the alcohol giant give it a big advantage in cementing a leadership position within the cannabis industry.

The company has reliable global distribution channels with subsidiaries, partners, and joint ventures that market its products around the world.

What lies ahead for medical marijuana in healthcare?

None can deny that cannabis is gaining acceptance in the world of healthcare. Websites like and pro-cannabis companies are making it easier for patients to access their medical needs, especially if those needs require medical marijuana.

Many reputable sources, such as FDA and Forbes, tell that the popularity of cannabis will continue to grow among patients, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies.


How to invest in marijuana stocks?

Follow the following steps to invest in marijuana stocks:


1. Understand the categories of marijuana products

Cannabis products are broadly divided into two categories:

  • Medical Marijuana

    Legal in 33 states of the U.S along with the District of Columbia and over thirty countries.

  • Recreational marijuana

    Legal in the eleven states of the U.S and D.C for adults.

Make sure you do your research in understanding these categories of marijuana products before investing.

2. Get aware of the risks

Understand the potential risks that are associated with marijuana stocks, such as legal and political risks, supply and demand imbalance risks, etc. 

3. Know things about the marijuana stock that you picked

After considering a particular marijuana stock, take your time in researching the management team, examining the competitive position and growth strategy of the company, and checking the financial status of the company.

4. Make your move wisely

Even if you are an aggressive investor, investing too much in marijuana stock isn’t a wise move, and this is because marijuana stocks are risky as well as highly volatile.

First of all, make a small investment and wait for the stock to rise in the cannabis market. When the stock rises with the increase in revenue and earnings, invest more.