With the formidable run of Bitcoin in late 2017, the search for quality upcoming cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high. People can see the value for their investments in cryptocurrencies with many pundits touting them as the future of the economy. With hundreds of new cryptocurrencies hitting the internet every month, it could be difficult to filter the winners from underachievers. Here are our 5 top cryptocurrencies that you should take a good hard look at in 2018.


Golem: Envisioning exciting supercomputing and computer power-sharing economy, Golem ($GNT) is one of the new kids on the block. As the Golem Brass Beta has already been rolled out, eager anticipation starts for Clay Golem, Stone Golem, and Iron Golem. These are deeply tested Golem versions with the highest form of security, stability, and development freedom. Golem is already listed on Binance.

Ravencoin: Brought into existence by over 400 Bitcoin developers, Ravencoin is based on the same UTXO 19 Bitcoin model but promises to fill a lot of gaps Bitcoin left open. Prioritizing energy efficiency and transparent mining, they foresee organic growth and equitable distribution of power. By restricting pre-mining, fair issuance of currencies is secured with Ravencoin.

Zilliqa: The first cryptocurrency to implement sharding, Zilliqa is ready to make its appearance in the third quarter of 2018. Zilliqa uses its own native programming language Scilla. The partnership with Japanese company Infoteria showcases Zilliqa’s potential to enter the Japanese market. With the sharding technique, the bigger Zilliqa’s network grows, the faster it will be. As of now, the future looks bright for this new cryptocurrency.

Auctus: A refreshing change from cryptos aimed at supercomputing, AI, or gaming, Auctus’ focus is firmly on retirement planning. Auctus is envisioned to be fully decentralized and community-driven. By partnering with the best, Auctus aims to provide retirement information, investing information, and planning, trading, and portfolio services to savers.


EOS: EOS is a general-purpose contract that boasts of being the fastest blockchain with 1000 – 6000 TPS. With a smaller number of nodes and DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) at their disposal, EOS’s priority lies in scalability and speed. Based on market capitalization, EOS has been one of the most successful tokens in 2018.

So different, yet alike, in the end, these are 5 best cryptocurrencies of 2018 that are currently sending ripples through the market. Whether they will be able to maintain the momentum in the future, only time can tell.