The biggest online hangout joint in the world, Facebook has brought over 1 billion people together from all corners of the planet. Not surprisingly, businesses have caught hold of this splendid opportunity to reach out to millions of people regarding their products and services.


Leverage Facebook Marketplace: The Facebook marketplace is like a Craigslist for Facebook. You can easily sell your products or promote your services in the marketplace to local people. This includes handmade products, commercial produce, garage sale or any services your locals may require.

Join Local Trade Groups: If you are looking to make money off Facebook, chances are you do not own a multimillion-dollar company. Joining local trade groups on Facebook can be the starting point as it will give you key insight into what other businesses in the area are doing.

Friendships the best help.
Friendships the best help.

Utilize the Potential of Friendship: Befriending people on Facebook to grow your network should be your top priority. When you have a large network, shout-outs to your contacts about services or products may bring business swiftly.

Create a Facebook Page: Many people try to avoid the social media management aspect of their businesses. But creating a quality Facebook page for your business gives you a chance to showcase what you have and keep followers updated about deals, promotions or offers that they would love to avail.

Use the Post Public Feature: By posting publicly on Facebook, your posts are not limited to your friends anymore. Anyone would love to subscribe to your business page or your services if you offer quality, publicly.

Utilize Your Own Facebook Account: While your business page is your official address on Facebook, there is no harm in drum up some interest about your business from your home, i.e., your own Facebook account.

By Generating Leads: If you do not have a business yourself, you can still make money off Facebook by generating quality leads for other businesses. Many local businesses will pay you handsomely if you can lead your friends or acquaintances to their Facebook page or their website.

Social Media Management: A ton of small businesses set up their Facebook page but just do not have the time to update it regularly. This is especially true for local businesses with a small workforce. With some online training and intuit, you can offer to become a social media manager for them. This online job has started to thrive in recent years with everything slowly moving online.

With time, Facebook is also evolving at a rapid pace and new opportunities to make money are opening up each day. All you need to do is stay on your toes and keep your eyes peeled for any new development that may suit you or your business favorably. These 8 tips are some surefire ways to bring in business from Facebook but they are not the only ways.