Buying in altcoins is a robust investment option in today’s world, especially with an uptick in crypto valuation in the last couple of years. But storing and securing crypto can be a daunting task, with cybercriminals helping themselves to hard-earned cryptos from users and exchanges often. The best way to store your cryptos is in a hardware wallet, but there are some pretty good hot wallets as well.


Here are the 6 best crypto wallets that can provide secure storage for your altcoins.

Ledger Nano S: Ledger Nano S is often considered the best hardware wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum but it does support other altcoins as well. Easy to connect and use, the Nano S has the appearance of a flash drive and connects to your PC with USB. This drive is hacker and malware proof and comes with U2F authentication compliance.

TREZOR: TREZOR is another industry-leading hardware wallet that provides robust security and supports multiple altcoins. They were the original hardware wallet which gives them a unique edge over competitors. The authentication is provided via a token that is also U2F authentication compliant. There is also a Google Chrome extension available for your hardware.

Bitcoin can go down or up quickly.

Coinbase: Coinbase is a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange and also acts as a wallet for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. Once you buy cryptocurrencies at Coinbase you can move them to the secure “vault” where the coins are stored securely. You can also take advantage of 2-factor authentication using Authy or Google Authenticator.

Ledger BLUE: Ledger BLUE is the most advanced hardware wallet in the market today. The device comes with a touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity. With a rechargeable battery, easy lightweight build, and extension for other applications, this device will provide enterprise-level security for your altcoins.

KeepKey: Simple and effective, KeepKey is a hardware wallet that uses open-source firmware. KeepKey is supported by Mac, PC, Linux, and Android. Hacker, Virus, and Malware proof, the device can store Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Namecoin.

StrongCoin: One of the most popular Bitcoin wallets in the world, StrongCoin is the oldest wallet in the web sphere. They provide browser level encryption for your Bitcoin private key. As your Bitcoin purchases are credited directly to the wallet, the chances of hacks at the exchange level do not affect you.

There are other altcoin wallets in vogue that have certain pros. These 6 altcoin wallets have the best balance of security, ease-of-use, and price which make them the top 6 options in our eyes.