Given below are some of the most effective marketing moves that benefited the companies in the best possible way:

1. Airbnb – One Less Stranger Campaign

In January 2015, Airbnb had come up with a social media campaign with the hashtag #OneLessStranger. In this campaign, the company asked people to help strangers and share their photos or video with that person along with the hashtag.

In just about 3 weeks, 3,000,000 people from all over the world have shared their photos or videos along with the hashtag.

2. De Beers – A Diamond is Forever

In 1948 during the Great Depression, De Beers was facing a downfall in their sales of diamond rings. At that time they came up with the campaign ‘ A Diamond is Forever’ to motivate men to buy diamond rings.

They practically gave birth to the idea of an engagement ring which is still a very popular concept today. Dee Beers created the demand for something that was not needed.

3. Marlboro Cigarettes – The Marlboro Man

In 1955, Marlboro Cigarettes introduced ‘ The Marlboro Man’ to promote their filtered cigarettes for men. Men in America have begun to see smoking Malboro Cigarettes as a sign of masculinity.

In 1972, Marlboro became the highest tobacco selling brand in the world and the Marlboro Man became popular all over the world.

4. Nike – Just Do It

In the last 1980s, Nike had come up with the marketing campaign ‘Just do it’. Before that Nike only created its products for marathon runners. Reebok was actually selling more sports shoes than Nike.‘ Just do it’ was a huge success as it encouraged people to go and perform beyond their limits every day.

Nike’s campaign was supported by superstar player, Michael Jordan, turning out to be a huge success and by 1988, Nike’s sales figures reached $800 million and in 1998, it surpassed $9.2 billion.

5. Volkswagen Beetle – Think Small

In 1959, the Germany company, Volkswagen, launched a campaign ‘Think Small’. The campaign was woven around small size Beetle. In an ad, the car was placed very far from the center in a large white space. It was done to emphasize the simplicity of the car with a small design.


6. Dove – Real Beauty

Dove was facing tough competition and came up with the super successful campaign ‘ Real Beauty’. It was launched to change the women’s outlook towards personal beauty so that they could feel more positive towards their looks. Many other companies adopted this methodology.

It is not bad to ask for quality
It is not bad to ask for quality

7. Avis – We Try Harder

Avis, a car rental service, promoted themselves as No.2 in the industry. It was done to show people that they were working very hard towards becoming No.1. The idea was a big success with the audience.

8. Apple- Get a Mac

Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ campaign got a powerful response from customers and the company attained a 40% market growth.