Researches are showing that Facebook is losing its charm when it comes to teen users. Teens and young adults are leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook for something else that could offer something more. Given below are a few reasons why Facebook is losing its grip on the teen audience:

Snapchat popularity

Snapchat has become very popular and younger audiences have been gravitating towards it since its launch in the year 2011.

No privacy from parents

Parents are also joining Facebook, hence teenagers are not getting the privacy they
need from their parents. Parents can keep track of everything their kids are doing
on Facebook.


Looking for something new

Facebook has been around for years and practically defines social media conception. It is familiar, very useful and offers a number of advantages on both personal and professional levels. But teenagers are now looking for something new and exciting with exclusivity, which is driving them away from Facebook.

Same identity and newsfeed

According to many teenagers, Facebook ties them to a single identity, but on other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are a lot more flexible with the identities of the users. Teen users can even choose from unknown social apps, like Whisper and YikYak, where they can choose their own identity online and change those identities based on with whom they are interacting.

In addition, teenagers are finding it very annoying and difficult to manage Facebook newsfeed. They want to have more control over how they get their news.

Trust issues

Teenagers do not trust Facebook anymore. According to the Bloomberg Businessweek survey reports, only 9% of teens said that Facebook was trustworthy.

It is also possible that Facebook has lots of aging users and hence teenagers believe that Facebook is not for them anymore.

Teenagers can enjoy the latest, and more visual features somewhere else without worrying about advertising and or invasion of privacy.

New messaging apps

Apart from Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp, every day more and more apps are coming in the market. These apps come equipped with various user-friendly features and can perform various functions at once.


Also, many users are frustrated with Facebook for developing a number of mobile apps, each performing different functions of Facebook.