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Regular Comment contributor for the Web column, in which covers tech, crypto, and everything in between.

How to Invest Money?

Investing is the process of foregoing current consumption for better future consumption. You pull out some part of your income and put it in various financial or non-financial assets such as Stocks, Bonds, Alternate Investments, Crypto-currencies, and so on, so that either you benefit from high returns or secure your future lifestyle.

8 Sure Ways To Find Investment For Your Startup

To start a business, you need funds and in today’s open economic system, it is not hard to raise funds for your business. Given...

6 Reasons Why Facebook Is Becoming Less Popular With Teens

Researches are showing that Facebook is losing its charm when it comes to teen users. Teens and young adults are leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook...

Top 7 Money Making Apps

Ever wondered why firms pay for watching videos or adverts, participating in quizzes, shopping, uploading pictures, or downloading mobile apps? The answer is simple....

5 Reasons Crypto Mining Is A Good Idea

Gone are the days of early 2010 when cryptocurrencies were taking a baby step and mining with your CPU or GPU was worth its...